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As mothers, sometimes we try to compensate for the father when they are not present in our child’s life for various reasons, often by babying, over mothering or unfortunately on some occasions not being motherly at all. We sometimes ask ourselves “how did I end up here raising a child on my own?!”. If it were a job we weren't happy in we could easily change. Or if you longer like the outfit you put on you had plenty of other options. But single parenthood isn't something that can be changed as easy as an outfit or job.


I began to realise the effect that having no father figure had on my son and realised, despite my great efforts to do my best raising him, there were just some thing's I couldn't give to my son. 


As a result of this, I sought out finding my son a male mentor someone that could help to build his confidence, someone for him to talk to and just do guy activities. I approached a few organisations and was stunned that because my son was not under the supervision of social services nor did he have any severe behavioural problems or a referral from his doctor it would be harder if not impossible to be assigned a mentor and I felt slightly defeated. 


This is where the idea for Mothers of Men was birthed. I decided that if I couldn’t find an organisation that offered mentorship, support and guidance to meet the needs of my son without this rigid criteria I would create it; not only for my son but for the millions of single mothers raising sons all over the world. I want single women, who are raising boys that will become men, to know they aren't forgotten

Mothers of Men is here to support, encourage and empower women from all races and backgrounds to overcome the challenges we face as single parents raising boys. Mothers of Men is a platform to connect young boys with mentors who can help positively shape their bright futures. We want to eradicate the brokenness that can occur when there is no father figure present in our child's life and build positive solid men.



Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6